This Is What I Do.

Maybe you want to start from scratch on guitar, ukulele, bass, piano or drums.  Maybe you'd like to pick up some new tricks.  Explore how music theory relates to the songs you already know or how it can help you write your own music, memorize hundredsof songs, and improvise solos and melodies that sound incredible.  Discover the unending possibilities of the guitar fret board.  My job is to help you achieve an instrument specific goal, help you have fun with the process, challenge your mind (and fingers) and give you tools that will inspire you to get creative. 

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My approach…

I love the opportunity to share the joy of music with others. I "tailor make" individual lesson plans for each student depending on their personal interests and goals.  Whether it's Taylor Swift, The Beatles, a lightning fast Jimi Hendrix guitar solo, or a Carcassi classical etude, I want to help you learn to play the music you love.  I can custom create sheet music notated in guitar tabliture, stand music notation, or simple chord lead sheets.  I'm also more than happy to help students work through guitar method books and cover the "fundamentals of guitar" like scales, technique, fret board knowledge, chord vocabulary, and more.

Proudly announcing…

I recently self-published my first guitar method book!  For those interested in a new approach to beginning guitar that leans heavily on learning some awesome songs that you know and love. This book covers rhythms, simple and complex chords, tabs, scales, and practicing assignments in a whole new way.  If you are shopping around for a guitar method book, this one is worth considering!

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2019 Promotions

Refer a new student, receive 50% one month's lessons!

I'm tremendously grateful to all my students who pass my information along to others who are interested in the study of music.  If a client you refer signs up for regular weekly lessons with me, you'll receive 50% off an entire month's lessons as my way of saying thank you for your recommendation.  

Write a review, receive $5 off your next lesson!

There's a variety of new online platforms where I'm letting people know about myself.  Please take a moment to post a review and receive $5 off your next lesson with me!   


Private Lessons

$30 / 30 minute lesson 
$45 / 45 minute lesson 
$55 / one hour lesson

Group Lessons

$20 / 30 minute lesson per student 
$30 / 45 minute lesson per student 
$35 / one hour lesson per student

**House Call Lessons are available too!  For folks who are conveniently located, at-home lessons only cost an extra $10.

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